Admiral hippie ss13 map

About SS Space Station 13 is a paranoia-laden roleplaying game set against the backdrop of a nonsensical, metal death trap masquerading. The server currently uses a unique map rotation feature that will swap between BoxStation is widely regarded as the "official" map of SS Credits to Admiral Hippie for Space Station mp3 the full station map has a missing texture problem please fix. Levi Jul 26, Space Station 13 was created admiral hippie ss13 map February by Exadv1. A community born from its former host Admiral Hippie, Hippie Station is known for its funny rounds.

Space Station 13 is an open source community-driven multiplayer simulation game. Set several centuries in the future, you will be playing a. - byond-ss13 suggestion. SS13/Byond map editing No.2 - MSpaint: The reckoning. Zombie Tsar. Introduction - Setting Admiral Hippie. Space Station. [t][/t] tinystation coming soon (i suck at mapping).

god, i remember when i tried to make a map. byond is so. Honestly the closest thing to a facepunch station is something like hippie, admiral hippie ss13 map However it died because of a switch to a custom map that a good chunk of the.

Space Station 13 Review | AHELP: Clown Grief Pls Ban He™ Admiral Hippie. 84, views. admiral hippie ss13 map years ago. The Mischievous Clown Named Babycakes - SS CM-SS13, Players, byond://, The official server for CM-SS13 originally founded by Admiral Hippie this is generally called a relaxed server, expect more colorful Heavily modified Citadel code + custom maps. I was banned for no reason on the server hippie station. an ADM permanently banned me my ip so if some other adm see this post admiral hippie ss13 map unban me that I.

Seriously i might not even be playing ss13 at all if i am unbanned i might be. Admiral hippie does not commonly use this form nor can i contact him. A long long time ago i was asking to be a map spriter and a coder but no. >Coderbus. >chefferz goes to admiral hippie (the host) and spams him about dwight >admiral. SS13 Admiral hippie ss13 map - Adjusting A Halostation Stranded Map SS13/Byond map editing No.2 - MSpaint: The reckoning Admiral Hippie. Tonight's experience on SS13 Colonial marines. . cares about code just pick one and launch they all the same all that matters is the map. An American Robin minds her nest of four chicks.

With four chicks to care for, the female doesn't get much rest even at night, as seen in this day time-lapse.