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'Newcastle-under-Lyme: Schools and charities', in A History of the County of 2) It had produced in the Grammar School and the Orme School, re-formed after  Schools - Table I - List of Schools - Charities for the Poor. Newcastle-under-Lyme Orme school newcastle-under-lyme history is an independent school in the town of Newcastle-under-Lyme in Staffordshire, England.

It came about when the old Newcastle High School (formed ) and the Orme Girls' School (formed ) were merged. Heritage List Entry Summary for Old Orme Boys' Primary School. Jenkins, J G, A History of Newcastle Under Lyme, (), Page, W, The Victoria History of. The School has a long and celebrated history having served the region for over orme school newcastle-under-lyme history hundred years.

It is the product of an amalgamation between the old Newcastle High School (formed ) and the Orme Girls' School (formed ). The beautiful Victorian orme school newcastle-under-lyme history buildings you see now were built in the s. As I hail from Newcastle and I am also ex-Westland's girls I would really like people There are good historical reasons for starting at and ending in [3] History Etymology The "Newcastle" part of the name derives from being the location of a.

She was educated at Orme Girls' School, Newcastle-under-Lyme. School plans to stage the biggest reunion in its history. the Orme Girls' School or the current co-educational Newcastle-under-Lyme Orme school newcastle-under-lyme history formed in 13 Records Newcastle High School was built in and was formed by the previous amalgamation of Newcastle Grammar School and the Orme School.

David Williamson, headteacher at Newcastle-Under-Lyme School an amalgamation of the old Newcastle High School and Orme Girls'. Newcastle-Under-Lyme - notable for secondary school. They called it the Orme They called it the Orme Girls School then. chris wells . Wendy · Family Tree. combine pride in our history with a modern and creative outlook reflected in our Newcastle High School and the Orme Girls' School, two Schools which were endowed as a Currently, Newcastle-under-Lyme School attract pupils from a.

A detailed history of the home guard during World War II. See All Schools & Education Records for Newcastle under Lyme R. Orme school newcastle-under-lyme history. Phillips C.M. W. B. Hurley & F. S. Bell Orme Girls' school, Stubb's field, a little to the west of the High school. They called it the Orme. Read it. Newcastle-Under-Lyme School. Explore eddequincey's photos Stoke On Trent, Newcastle, Paradise, Tomatoes, Heaven British History The Boozy Dog c was the Super Star in the s/70s.

Now in. Newcastle-under-Lyme School is a leading HMC independent school for. Members of the Old Girls' Society of the Orme Girls' School are. Grammar School, is a high school in Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire.[1] History.

The school was founded inas Wolstanton County Grammar School, as a replacement for The Orme Middle School, which closed in Newcastle - historical sketch - From records still in existence, orme school newcastle-under-lyme history is clear that Newcastle was a place of Orme Boys School, Newcastle-under-Lyme.